2016 European Software Development Salary Survey

2016 European Software Development Salary Survey

You have expected to cover small costs like teeth issues, cavity fillings yourself but you are protected against major, black swan events (e.g.g, cancer). Compare this to the German system that on paper covers everything and “medicine is free” but in reality you have to pay for good-quality cavity fillings anyway out of pocket. Also in Germany, health insurance premiums depend on your salary and om Switzerland it they depend on your risk preference. Cluster 15 consists of Emacs, Leiningen, and Clojure, and has a positive coefficient of +$945.

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On average salaries are around 33% higher for a software engineer who has 10 years experience vs someone with 1 year job experience. Software engineering salaries have outpaced the national average over the last 20 years with the median software engineer in the US earning more than $1,800 per week. By 2020 the number of software developers in Ukraine will reach up to 20,000.

Team Size

These agencies aren’t limited to one area when seeking qualified applicants; they search worldwide and headhunt the best developers. In short, a developer who fits your professional requirements and your company’s culture. To start, the living cost in Eastern Europe is more affordable than the US, for example.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Young companies had higher rates of Ruby (18% vs. 11%) and lower rates of ASP/ASP.NET and C# (4% and 9%, respectively, vs. 12% and 23%). Cluster 9, like Cluster 8, consists of tools that mostly support building web apps, https://globalcloudteam.com/ in this case Ruby on Rails. Having a Master’s degree is also not significant in the model, but a PhD adds +$7,906. The most common languages that respondents used in the past but no longer use were C/C++, Java, and PHP.

Are You Our Next Superstar Remote Developer?

They have no impact on salary in the model, and no coefficient. The most common languages that respondents stated they intend to learn in the next 1–2 years were Go, Swift, Python, and Scala. But if you’re developing a large solution with high security demands, hiring freelancers is not your best bet. Plus, putting five freelancers from different countries into the same project chat doesn’t magically make them a team. All three destinations offer excellent cost savings paired with high-quality development services.

  • Thanks to an extensive network, a large pool of candidates, and a well-established recruitment process, they will do all the heavy lifting of the hiring process.
  • This region’s average monthly salary comes at $4,329 for a Junior Engineer, $6,100 for a Middle Engineer, and $7,354 for a Senior Engineer.
  • From our analysis, junior software engineers are paid the highest comparative wage in San Francisco when we normalise by location.
  • Take on new challenges and be on the cutting edge of life-changing medical technology no matter what your role is.
  • Respondents used Python for a variety of programming tasks, as reflected in the tools in this cluster, including data management, data analysis, and web applications.
  • The going rate for mid-ranking to senior front office developers at London banks is now around £225k ($300k) according to one developer at a European house.

To negotiate a high salary junior engineers may have to take a risk on high-growth companies who are either on the road to becoming a public company or by joining before an IPO. In any case, once a junior gets a few years of experience under their belt they create much more leverage when negotiating their salaries. From our analysis, junior software engineers are paid the highest comparative wage in San Francisco when we normalise by location. For example, a junior engineer living in Amsterdam would expect to get paid around 47% the salary of a senior developer (i.e. $47k vs $86k). Whereas in San Francisco a junior developer would expect to get paid almost 69% of the salary earned by a senior engineer (i.e. $88k vs $128k).

Offshore Software Development Cost In 2022: Rate By Country Rundown

However, in terms of JPMorgan at least there’s evidence that pockets of highly paid software engineers exist. Cluster 7 consists primarily of Microsoft products (in particular those in the .NET framework), and has a negative coefficient of –$1,114. The popularity of Excel in our survey suggests that Excel is an integral part of .NET developers’ toolbox, for analytics, data query, data investigation, and other uses. The second cluster is a Java stack, although notably languages that run on the JRE— such as Scala and Clojure—are in their own clusters . Cluster 2 does not have a model coefficient, because using more or fewer of these tools does not appear to affect salary after all of the variables are taken into account. OracleBI seems an outlier to an otherwise list of mostly Java tools, so the correlation of OracleBI to the other tools may indicate more enterprise (i.e., big-organization) use of Java.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Also, they have to show a stack of resumes to the authorities and point out how these applicants were not suited for the job and why this particular applicant is suited. I heard of some companies who have done this successfully in other cantons but this is already many years ago and immigration was easier back then. THIS SECTION PRESENTS EVERYTHING WE FOUND IN OUR STUDY that has a predictive effect on salary—with the warning, as stated earlier, that the variables may not control or cause salary changes. The model has an R-squared of 0.475, which means that the model explains approximately 48% of the variation in the sample salaries. RESPONDENTS WERE ASKED TO RATE HOW WELL THEY CAN BARGAIN on a scale of 1 to 5. Although this is a highly subjective rating, we asked the question because we find it necessary to have some proxy for bargaining skills, since this can have a huge effect on your eventual compensation.

In the last decade, the country grew in both software development and computer technologies. Also, the Slovak IT sector has over 92% of professionals who are fluent English speakers. In distributed teams, coordinating time zones is a priority. When time zones are too different, it’s challenging to organize a smooth workflow that combines synchronous and asynchronous tasks.

Machine Learning Engineer

If you plan to hire an agency, the best place to explore your options and find the highest-rated contractors would be review platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms. They provide you with reviews and ratings of top service companies, their minimum project price tag, hourly rate, and the number of employees. This region’s average monthly salary comes at $4,329 for a Junior Engineer, $6,100 for a Middle Engineer, and $7,354 for a Senior Engineer. Still, San Francisco seems to have a higher total compensation which includes base salary, bonuses, and in some instances, equity within the tech firms. The bonus schemes will often go as high as 20% of the base salary in cash. Senior engineers will also have meaningful equity as part of the packages presented to them.

eastern europe software engineer salary

One third of residents in Zurich don’t have a Swiss passport. Some people say the Swiss are particularly hostile to all kinds of foreigners which might be true on the countryside. If you prefer to cook for yourself, you can shop at Aldi-Suisse, Lidl, Denner, Migros or Coop .

Looking to hire a developer from Romania, Poland, Serbia, or another country in Eastern Europe? These are fast solutions if you are in urgent need of hiring a developer. However, there is no vetting, so you could spend time and resources interviewing many candidates with no guarantees.

Visual Basic .NET, Clojure, and Ruby were relatively more popular in small teams . The second approach to capturing respondents’ roles was to ask whether they engaged in specific tasks. Salary distinctions among companies by age (e.g., startups versus mature companies) were subtle enough to be ignored by the model.

Devops Engineer

Many European respondents received substantial raises over the past three years, although a large minority stagnated. When asking respondents about salaries, we recorded responses in US dollars, and therefore will use dollars throughout this report. The median salary of the entire EU sample was $56,000, with the middle half of all respondents earning between $35k and $80k. The latter statistic is called the interquartile range —the middle 50%—and is used to describe the salaries of particular subsets of the sample in this report and its graphs.

eastern europe software engineer salary

Most respondents reported that they work with programmers (89%), product managers (72%), and designers (58%), while 37% said they work with salespeople. The only variable from this question with a positive coefficient was for other programmers, of +$5,332. The small share of respondents (2%) who did not work with people in any of the above roles had a median salary of $37k. We’ve compiled a list of averages salaries for different software engineering positions in Europe vs the USA. Specifically we breakdown of the average yearly compensation you’d expect to receive per city in the USA and Europe across Engineering, Data and Devops roles. We compare for 10 different roles by junior or entry level, senior, lead and managerial positions.

The top choices were Go (21% of respondents), Scala (19%), Python (17%), Swift (16%), JavaScript (14%), and Clojure (11%). Preferences eastern europe software engineer salary in Europe were similar to the rest of the world. Cluster 3 is composed of three tools, Sublime Text, MongoDB, and Grunt.

According to Glassdoor an entry level software engineer with less than 2 years of experience earns on average. A starting salary for an entry level software developer in these cities is around $60,000. Take into account that these numbers are an average estimation. In the single case, the salary will vary depending on the experience, responsibilities and work arrangements.

You should also consider the pricing model, the country you’ll be outsourcing from, and even if you need to be looking for a vendor or a bunch of freelancers. Here’s a quick overview of the hourly rates of software engineers in companies depending on the country and level of seniority, based on the data from Glassdoor. A software engineer who has at least 10 years of experience in both technical and management roles may earn the following as a director of engineering. It should be noted, however, that the range for which you might expect to get paid as a director of engineering can vary widely. Once you have reach this level, salary becomes more linked to the size of company and team whom you will be leading. In general, software engineers located in cities across the UK, Switzerland and Scandinavia are paid the highest salary.

The average net-salary in Zurich is around CHF 5500 but skewed upwards by people making insane salaries at UBS, Credit-Suisse and other banks and multinationals. Respondents used Python for a variety of programming tasks, as reflected in the tools in this cluster, including data management, data analysis, and web applications. Eight categories of tools were included as binary questions on the survey; respondents simply marked the ones that they currently use in a professional context. The tool categories were operating systems, programming languages, text editors, IDEs, data tools, cloud/containers, build automation tools, and frameworks. The sample was overwhelmingly male (94%), a breakdown even more skewed than the worldwide results of the survey (where 91% were male).

We excluded managers and students from the model because many of the features we think might help determine salary, such as language use, likely work differently for these groups. We also exclude those working fewer than 30 hours per week. In the horizontal bar charts throughout this report, we include the interquartile range to show the middle 50% of respondents’ answers to questions such as salary.

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